Bacon Week 2015: Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake

For this year’s Bacon Week, I am contributing my experience with this Maple Bacon Biscuit Bake. After having done Bacon Week for several years, the recipes start to kind of look the same and fall into two categories: “crazy to pull off technically/oh god why” or “something you regularly make just with added bacon.” For […]

Bacon Week 2015: Bacon Jam Redux

A couple Bacon Week-years ago one of the recipes I made was “Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam” – a recipe I ruined pretty hardcore. At the time I claimed I wanted to try again in the future, and this year I figured, why not let that future be now? This Bacon Jam Redux turned out way […]

Beer-Candied Bacon Fudge

To wrap up Bacon Week 2014, we took that good batch of beer-glazed bacon and made bacon fudge! I got this idea on Pinterest as well, but I didn’t like the approach outlined by the site I saw, so I flew by the seat of my pants on this one, too. We started with the […]

Bacon Week 2014 Round Up

I know, I know: it’s a little lame for my last “recipe day” of Bacon Week to be full of recipes that aren’t mine, but hey – if you knew the physical (though delicious) toll a week of non-stop bacon-eating takes on a human body you might understand.  Besides, some of my friends have made […]

Bacon Week 2014: Maple Bacon Honeycomb Candy

This was one of the more fun experiments I tried this week.  I’ve never made candy before, and this one sounded so good, I figured the simple addition of bacon bits certainly couldn’t hurt.  Thus came, maple bacon honeycomb candy! This candy is light and fluffy, and actually pretty easy to execute.  As with any […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Apple Pie (Take Two)

Remember the bacon apple pie from last year? It looked pretty damn amazing if I do say so myself, but its performance in pleasing my palate was less than I could have hoped for. Well, I made a remix of this concept on the fly this year after accidentally burning a bunch of beer-candied bacon. […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Chickpea Soup

Our next Bacon Week cooking adventure is a fairly simple soup featuring a half-pound of bacon. The inspiration and the basic recipe is from Mrs. Ellwood’s Simple Life and was found on Pinterest. I’ve never made chickpea soup before, but the hubs and I frequently enjoy lentil soup, split pea soup, and bean-heavy chilis, so […]

Bacon Week 2014: Kale & Bacon Hash

And we’re back with day 3 of Bacon Week, with yet another healthy (in relative terms) recipe!  After making this recipe once, I’ve actually made it almost every day since then…it’s a fabulous breakfast, lunch, or dinner and satisfies my savory and healthy cravings!  Highly recommended: kale & bacon hash! I get regular emails from […]

Bacon Week 2014: Bacon Cinnamon Rolls

Welcome back to Bacon Week – today we have something that was a little more experimental than yesterday’s bacon-wrapped asparagus: bacon cinnamon rolls! I had a lot of fun with this recipe, although to be perfectly frank it did not turn out quite as well as I was hoping.  I know I say this every year […]

Bacon Week: Beer-Candied Bacon

It’s Bacon Week time once again! We’re kicking it off with a remix of part of a past recipe: the candied bacon from the maple bacon ice cream. Once again, with feeling! This year though, we’ll be using a recipe found on, in order two best combine two of the best things food things […]

Bacon Week 2014: Bacon-Wrapped Asparagus

It’s time, dear ones!  It’s time for a whole week-long extravaganza of BACON! To kick things off this year, we have a recipe oddly resembling “healthy” (not that most things wrapped in bacon are actually healthy, I suppose).  Today we have a delicious, sweet recipe for bacon-wrapped asparagus. As of last year I decided to […]

Bacon Week: Maple Bacon Ice Cream

For my Bacon Week finale (I can’t make it to BaconFest this year), we have here some maple bacon ice cream. I casually perused the internet for bacon ice cream recipes and ruminated on my recent experience with the floppy, unappetizing bacon in the bacon apple pie, I decided to go with a crispy candied […]

Bacon Week 2013: Bacon Curls

This last recipe post for Bacon Week is a little on the light side, for those of you who have been porking out all week (HA HA HA GET IT?).  Some tasty little curls for the munchy-times. After a week of brownies, crème brûlée, and bacon-wrapped deliciousness, I thought it was time to toss a […]

Bacon Week: Bacon Apple Pie

I ask you: what could possibly be more all-american than apple pie? Nothing, except maybe bacon. So, why not combine them? That would be, like, super-american. Like, AMURRICAHN. Seriously, though, as soon as I saw this intriguing bacon apple pie recipe from the Loveless Cafe on Pinterest, I knew we were destined to be joined […]

Bacon Week 2013: Bacon-Wrapped Meatloaf

I have somehow made it through my entire cooking career (vast as it is!) thus far without a single recipe from Ree Drummond, The Pioneer Woman herself.  How is this possible?  I have no idea. Let’s ameliorate this shizz! The Pioneer Woman has a bacon-wrapped meatloaf recipe entitled, “My Favorite Meatloaf.”  I love this; the […]