I Luv Pho

The Buford Highway location of the I Luv Pho mini-chain is located in the same shopping center as Master Bakery, across the street from the highly visible Sweet Hut. It’s a fairly large, two-story vietnamese joint that opened in October ’13. Adam and I checked it out during the soft opening but at the time […]

Hello Dau Hu

Hello Dau Hu is no more, the space having been absorbed into Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe. It is presumed closed, rather than moved. If you have any information about a relocation, please drop me a line in comments below! Oh no, we thought. This place looks just like Viet Tofu. Oh no. Hello Dau […]

Quoc Huong

This week brings us to Quoc Huong vietnamese fast food restaurant in Asian Square. With large plants by the door, sauce and utensil caddies, and both regular and family-style tables, this interior is pretty standard fare for asian restaurants. It was so crowded that I wasn’t able to grab a decent photo without interfering with […]

Pho Bac

Pho Bac is a fairly large pho joint in Orient Center that seems to be cut from the same cloth as Lee’s Bakery and Pho Dai Loi #2 – a large open space with tables pushed together, to be used family-style if need be. Condiment and utensil caddies are numerous and well-stocked. The decor is […]

Viet Tofu

When we BuHi’d with Grant and Marie last week, we actually thought we were going to Viet Tofu, until we realized it’s more of a cash-and-carry kind of place. But it was really too intriguing to pass by completely, so we returned to see what’s what. The interior is a large space with two back-to-back […]

Pho 24

Our first expedition in Chamblee, Pho 24 is both the anchor and the only eatery in the Vietnamese Center (the first appropriately named shopping center we’ve visited in a while). It’s certainly large enough to handle volume, but it was mostly empty when we were there, on a Saturday night, with Ashley and Steve in […]

Quan Ba 9

Across the street from the Independent Plaza is oddly-named Aloha Plaza (no Hawaiian connection that I can see). Inside this strip is Quan Ba 9, the subject of this week’s review. Quan Ba 9 is apparently not exactly a secret, having been profiled by the Creative Loafing a while back, and a lot of other […]

Chateau De Saigon

The Buford Highway Food Expedition is back in action in 2013, starting with Chateau De Saigon! We’d actually gone to this vietnamese restaurant already, towards the end of last year, but the holidays got int he way, and I seem to have lost (deleted) the images we took at that time, and eventually we forgot […]

Pho Dai Loi 2

In this edition, we move into the Little Saigon shopping center starting with Pho Dai Loi #2. Hoping to introduce my mother to Vietnamese food, I tried to call ahead to ask about MSG in the food (my mom is very allergic), but alas the language barrier was too great –  as if in a […]

Nam Phuong

Being just past the crest of a hill, it is easy to zip right past Nam Phuong on your way down Buford, but that would be a huge mistake, because this place is a gem. Only open for about a year, this second location isn’t even listed on the original restaurant’s website yet. I haven’t […]

Co’m Grill Restaurant

Tucked into the Buford Highway Plaza is Co’m Grill. There’s not actually an apostrophe, but rather the “o” is a Vietnamese accent glyph that I don’t know how to create on the keyboard. Apparently neither do they, because on their website they use Co’m. And, since apostrophes are not permitted in URLs, it also goes by […]

Lee’s Bakery

Next up, Lee’s Bakery, which was highly recommended to me by my boss, who encouraged me to get the #1 combo (not to be confused with the #1 shown on the board in the pic below). Adam and I were joined by our partners in BuHi feasts, Ash and Steve. Order before you sit if […]