Cafe Bombay

Cafe Bombay is one of those places I have been to a few times but never got around to writing up for this lil’ ol’ website of mine. Well today that changes! I brought Adam along for his first experience at Cafe Bombay (or Bombay Indian Bistro, depending on which side of the restaurant you […]

Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall

I’ve been wanting to go to Ladybird Grove & Mess Hall ever since it opened towards the end of last summer. The woodsy, campfire, vintage great outdoors vibe and quirky menu had me by the heartstrings from the very start. Plus, this particular weekend we had a planned camping trip get rained out, so this […]

Hong Kong City

There are a number of eateries called Hong Kong City across this city (and country for that matter), but this particular Hong Kong City’s website makes it look like a single-location operation with only the Buford Highway address listed. Tucked into a corner of the Crossroads Village shopping center, right next to Mariscos La Riviera […]

Gusto! Wood Fire Grill

For Friday lunch last week, the lunch crew went to Gusto! Wood Fire Grill over by Piedmont Hospital. An over-simplified description of this joint is that it is a fresh, wood-fired, American food version of Chipotle. Other than some salads, sides, and desserts, the menu is bowl-based. You pick your base (mixed greens, seasoned brown […]

Squisito Bakery & Cafe

Squisito Bakery and Cafe has three locations, two of which are in Plaza Fiesta (a major feature on the southern end of Buford Highway). One location is “frente a la fuente” and one is “frente Ross.” The third location is on Clayton St. in Lawrenceville. On our recent trip to Puras Tortas, we visited the […]

Puras Tortas

Plaza Fiesta is a bright and busy shopping mall on the southern end of Buford Highway. It is filled with all sorts of shopfronts: western wear, jewelry, a tattoo parlor, quinceanera dresses, home furnishing, etc. There is also an indoor playground and a food court. When we first started out on this whole Buford Highway […]

Ameer’s Mediterranean

I have been dying to get to Ameer’s Mediterranean ever since I first spotted it while we were checking out Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ next door – back in 2013. Well, I finally got around to it this past weekend, and with the lovely Grant and Marie of Marie, Let’s Eat! to boot!   This is […]


Last week, Adam and I were invited out to sneak-peak the new Tom+Chee location in Buford, near The Mall of Georgia. Since I don’t watch reality television – or much television at all for that matter – I was unaware of the Tom+Chee history (goetta and all that), it’s publicity and spread as a franchise […]

A-Priori Seafood

A couple of weeks back, Adam and I drove the length of Buford Highway that we’ve covered so far to take stock of various openings, closings, and spots we flat-out just missed. Approaching the northern end of our reach, we noticed that a new joint had moved into the empty space on the end of […]

Golden BBQ

The curse of this location continues! Golden BBQ closed in the second half of 2015 Sometimes, being on a constant Buford Highway Food Expedition can be a burden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a first world problem type of thing, but still. Sometimes I really want to explore more of a place, or I […]

Las Palmeras

Las Palmeras is a honduran restaurant located a block off of Buford Highway on Shallowford Road, just north of Chamblee-Tucker Road. It opened in June of last year and is only one of four honduran restaurants in the metro Atlanta area that I am aware of (if there are more/great ones that I should know […]


This post is incredibly overdue, as Adam and I first visited Ribalta for a media event in October. As with Yeh Tuh, we decided a refresher would help provide more accuracy and extra depth to what might have otherwise been a bit of a stale post. Here’s the run-down from our first visit, shortly after […]

First Watch, The Daytime Café

I’m not sure if it’s a hallmark of getting older, but brunch has easily become my favorite meal of the day. I’ve always loved breakfast (coming from a food-filled northern-turned-southern family, we threw ourselves into the biscuits and gravy-filled world of southern breakfasts with gusto), so it was a great treat to be invited by […]

Yet Tuh

Today’s post offers two takes on a little korean spot I’d heard about long in advance of getting to the appropriate portion of Buford Highway: Yet Tuh. This spot is a little tricky to locate – we only the potential of the shopping center it from the parking lot of Woo Nam. From Buford Highway, […]

Calcutta Palate

Sadly, this solid choice of Indian buffet shuttered sometime early 2016. Boo. Calcutta Palate is an indian buffet that just opened this month in a free-standing building in the same parking lot as the BuHi Farmers Market. Warning: wild speculation ahead. There has been a Calcutta Palate sign up in the Buford Highway Farmers Market […]

Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House

Finally, after two years of Buford Highway adventures, we finally reached Woo Nam Jeong Stone Bowl House. I have heard nothing but good things about this spot since I got into the Buford Highway scene. Adam and I went by late on a Sunday night, about an hour before closing time. The restaurant was fairly […]

Tropical Smoothie Cafe

I was recently invited out to Tropical Smoothie Cafe’s flagship store in Dunwoody to check out their menu, new look and feel, and limited run unBEETable berry smoothie. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is a larger chain than I usually entertain the idea of visiting for this blog, however the marketing angle appealed, as well as the […]

Kool Korner Sandwiches and Crazy Cuban

Here’s another slice of the storied history of Atlanta’s most beloved cuban restaurants. The first one, about Havana Sandwich Shop and its successors Havana and Havana Grill is here. nce upon a time (AKA 1985), a couple named Ildefonso and Lucia Ramirez opened a cuban sandwich shop on 14th Street in Midtown Atlanta called Kool […]