Squisito Bakery & Cafe

Squisito Bakery and Cafe has three locations, two of which are in Plaza Fiesta (a major feature on the southern end of Buford Highway). One location is “frente a la fuente” and one is “frente Ross.” The third location is on Clayton St. in Lawrenceville. On our recent trip to Puras Tortas, we visited the […]

Puras Tortas

Plaza Fiesta is a bright and busy shopping mall on the southern end of Buford Highway. It is filled with all sorts of shopfronts: western wear, jewelry, a tattoo parlor, quinceanera dresses, home furnishing, etc. There is also an indoor playground and a food court. When we first started out on this whole Buford Highway […]

Pan Chapin

After chowing down at I Luv Pho last week, Adam, Mary and I headed down to Pan Chapin for some dessert. Pan Chapin is located right above Quickly in the same two-story building that houses Tempo Doeloe and Bei Jing Kabobs. We popped in and immediately felt out of place in the tight interior. Feeling […]

Buford Highway Farmers Market

This week Adam and I finally got to dine at the Buford Highway Farmers Market food court. We’ve been to the Buford Highway Farmers Market many times, as we regularly shop there, but we’d never eaten anything other than samples before. On a Sunday afternoon, we dropped by to get acquainted with the food court/cafeteria […]

La Costilla Grill

Still on a quest to fill in some of the newer restaurants on Buford Highway before venturing north of I-285, Adam and I recently checked out La Costilla Grill, back down by Havana Restaurant and Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit at the intersection of BuHi and Clairmont Road. La Costilla Grill had a Scoutmob recently, and […]

5 De Mayo

In the spot where the Pho Viet portion of Van Bakery and Cafe used to be, a new restaurant opened up a little over a week ago. 5 De Mayo Mexican Restaurant – Taqueria and Pupusaria. As far as I can tell this mexican joint has some serious guatemalan leanings, which is just awesome by […]

Monterrey Mexican Restaurant

 This week’s Buford Highway expedition took Adam and I to Monterrey Mexican Restaurant, which I recently became acquainted with in a historical context through the recent Marie, Let’s Eat! post about the Shrimp Boat(s). This day, we got some practical, tastebuds-on experience with this classic Buford Highway based chain. From the restaurant’s website: “Monterrey Mexican […]

El Autentico Sinaloense Pollos Asados

A few weeks back, Adam and I headed up Buford Highway for our weekly trip to a BuHi food joint, in this case El Autentico Sinaloense Pollos Asados. Little did I know that we would be breaking our long-standing restaurant exploration streak and not returning to it for several weeks. Holi-daze, indeed. By the by, […]

Chicago Supermarket

Last weekend, the hubs and I headed out to Chicago Supermarket to try the little eatery in the back. This was our third attempt to get there during their hours of operation, and we finally made it. We made our way back to what we thought was the ordering counter and slung some broken spanish […]

Taqueria El Rey Del Taco

A couple weeks ago we went to Taqueria El Rey Del Taco with our favorite Californian, Vasilios. This is a taco joint that I’d heard good things about, but I’d never been to before. The place is a lot bigger on the inside than it seemed to be from outside. We got settled in with […]

La Sultana Bakery

After the glorious gustatory experience that was Casa Vieja, you’d think we would have just headed back to the office to slip quietly into a food coma, but instead we headed over to La Sultana Bakery to check it out. Like many joints in the Buford Highway area, this panaderia is nothing much to look […]

Twisted Taco

While we were up in Roswell to visit Sky Zone, we took in some tex-mex at Twisted Taco, an Atlanta-based chain founded in 2002. There are currently eight metro-Atlanta locations. We all kicked back with some drinks and the Twisted Trio appetizer – guacamole, queso and salsa verde – with chips ($9.99). I thought it […]

El Taco Veloz

This week’s excursion was El Taco Veloz. I had heard good things about El Taco Veloz before, but had not realized that they are a local mini-chain. According to the website, there are six locations, all situated on the northern side of Atlanta.  I’m not sure if all the locations are as super-tiny as this […]

Mariscos El Veneno

This week the hubs and I hit up a Nayarit-style mexican seafood joint called Mariscos El Veneno – which, as near as I can tell, means “poison seafood” or maybe “wrathful seafood.” Glad I looked up the translation after we got home, or I may have had more reservations. If “Nayarit” sounds familiar, it’s because […]

La Kermex

This building has since been demolished, and I am not aware of La Kermex relocating, so I am presuming that this restaurant is closed. If you have any further information about the fate of La Kermex, please let me know by commenting on this page! This week, we headed out to dinner at the highly-regarded […]

El Norteno

Closed or moved, not sure which… El Norteno is a very small local chain, with locations in Tucker, Norcross, and Chamblee. The Chamblee location is just barely off of Buford Highway, on Chamblee-Tucker Road. I had heard too many good/bad/intriguing things about El Norteno to not bend the (mostly nonexistent) rules and go check it […]

Las Tortas Locas

Las Tortas Locas is a mexican sandwich joint located in an adjacent but not easily spotted section of shops abutting Orient Center. It has a large selection of tortas as well as some tacos, burritos and the like. You order before you sit at one of the pretty run-of-the-mill tables, and your food is cooked […]

La Rumba Mexican Restaurant

A while back, before migrating and overhauling this site got in the way there was this little thing called BuHi. Well we’re back, baby. The last place we went was La Rumba Mexican Restaurant. Fantastico bar y grill, proclaims the sign. It certainly looks like a nightclub on the outside – see below – but […]