Once upon a time, I would have to drag my lazy butt 45+ minutes out to Suwanee to get good ramen at Umaido – but no more! Now, there is Hajime on Cheshire Bridge in the Cheshire Square shopping center. Using the same wonderful noodles, and practically the same menu all around, Hajime is a […]

Kang Nam

A few weeks back, before life started stomping all over my blogging schedule, Adam and I went to Kang Nam, they next stop on our northerly march up Buford Highway. Just north of Baldino’s, and across the street from the shopping center that houses Gu’s Bistro, Kang Nam’s sign proclaims Japanese Restaurant but also features […]

Atlanta Food Truck Park

After years of hearing all about the Food Truck Park off of Howell Mill Road, Adam and I finally went! We went with our dear friends, the Ruby family (4/5th of it anyway) on a great late spring afternoon right before the horrible yellow-green dusting coating of pollen struck for the year. We tried to […]

Buford Highway Farmers Market

This week Adam and I finally got to dine at the Buford Highway Farmers Market food court. We’ve been to the Buford Highway Farmers Market many times, as we regularly shop there, but we’d never eaten anything other than samples before. On a Sunday afternoon, we dropped by to get acquainted with the food court/cafeteria […]

Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers

Fuji Hana & Thai Peppers is a Japanese and Thai restaurant in Kennesaw – with hibachi grills and a sushi bar. Fuji Hana moved into its current location – apparently absorbing the Thai Peppers thai restaurant that was there, hence the joint name and dual japanese and thai menu – mid-year in 2012. More recently, […]


Umaido is a ramenya, a japanese ramen restaurant. When most folks think about ramen, they think of the dirt-cheap instant ramen noodles that many college students subsist on. But in Japan, where ramen has been a popular iconic dish for the past 100 years, ramen is a real food, not some dried crap in a […]

Shoya Izakaya

Recently the hubs and I, along with Ashley, Stephen, and Laura headed to Shoya Izakaya for some japanese izakaya dining in Doraville. An izakaya is a japanese drinking and dining joint. You don’t really go for the food alone, or eat an entrée per se. You order small plates to share of food designed to […]

Sushi Huku

I recently checked out Sushi Huku in Sandy Spring with some coworkers. Sushi Huku is a generally well-liked sushi joint that took some big hits early this year with its health score. Despite that, it has tons and tons of great reviews, and 4.5 of 5 stars in pretty much every place you look (Google, […]

Bua Thai and Sushi

I grabbed lunch yesterday at Bua Thai and Sushi in Brookhaven with some coworkers. There were four of us, and this was the first time at Bua for me and at least one other. Right off the bat we had a tiny hint of what was to come, as there was no one to be […]