Recently, Adam and I made our way over to Zyka in Decatur, where Scott Boulevard and Church Street meet, which we have heard an awful lot about over the years – and all of it praise. This local favorite is located in what was once a decently-sized church, taking up most of the former church […]


Masti recently opened up in the Toco Hills location formerly occupied by Cibo Rustico and Mirko Pasta. I was grateful to see that we’d shaken things up a bit with a non-italian food concept. Not that I don’t love italian food, but it was just time for a change. Coming to us from the same […]


Naanstop started out in 2011 as a food truck in Los Angeles, and became a brick-and-mortar operation in downtown Atlanta in 2012. Now there also is a second location in Buckhead, and that is the location I visited. I’ve actually visited three times so far, due to the convenience and quality of the food. I’ve […]

Cafe Bombay

Cafe Bombay is one of those places I have been to a few times but never got around to writing up for this lil’ ol’ website of mine. Well today that changes! I brought Adam along for his first experience at Cafe Bombay (or Bombay Indian Bistro, depending on which side of the restaurant you […]

Calcutta Palate

Sadly, this solid choice of Indian buffet shuttered sometime early 2016. Boo. Calcutta Palate is an indian buffet that just opened this month in a free-standing building in the same parking lot as the BuHi Farmers Market. Warning: wild speculation ahead. There has been a Calcutta Palate sign up in the Buford Highway Farmers Market […]

Cardamom Hill

Cardamom Hill closed toward the end of 2014… sadness!!! A while back Adam had to leave the country on a business trip, and we decided to grab a nice dinner together before he left. I’d heard a lot about Cardamom Hill and Asha Gomez, so what better excuse to go try out Cardamom Hill? I […]

Atlanta Food Truck Park

After years of hearing all about the Food Truck Park off of Howell Mill Road, Adam and I finally went! We went with our dear friends, the Ruby family (4/5th of it anyway) on a great late spring afternoon right before the horrible yellow-green dusting coating of pollen struck for the year. We tried to […]

Buford Highway Farmers Market

This week Adam and I finally got to dine at the Buford Highway Farmers Market food court. We’ve been to the Buford Highway Farmers Market many times, as we regularly shop there, but we’d never eaten anything other than samples before. On a Sunday afternoon, we dropped by to get acquainted with the food court/cafeteria […]


Purnima is a new halal indian and bangladeshi restaurant on Buford Highway, in the same building as Pho 24, and has been open for about a month now. Adam and I dropped into Purnima early on Sunday afternoon, and we were the only ones in the restaurant pretty much the whole time, other than one […]

Chai Pani Addendum

This week I had the opportunity to head back to Chai Pani for an Urbanspoon UrbanHour – and good food and good company abounded. Since I had the opportunity to try some new things not previously discussed here, I thought I’d put out a quick little addendum to my prior post about Chai Pani. Apologies […]

Madras Chettinaad

A couple of weeks back Adam and I had the pleasure of dining at Madras Chettinaad in Alpharetta with our dear friends Susan and Richard. Susan and Richard had eaten at Madras several times previously and wanted to share the place with us. We made the trek up to Alpharetta with relative ease, located the […]

Chai Pani

On Friday, two coworkers and I took a trip down to Chai Pani, an indian street food restaurant that opened earlier this year. Chai Pani is an Asheville, North Carolina original, and this is the second location bringing organic, fresh, locally sourced indian street food to southern americans. I was pretty excited to go, because […]

Himalayan Spice

Recently, a nepalese/himalayan and indian restaurant opened up at Clairmont and Briarcliff, right in the center of the North Druid Hills ethiopian food scene, where a chinese buffet used to be. I believe the grand opening was sometime in early December. We’ve gone to Panahar, a bangladeshi and indian restaurant, but neither the hubs nor […]

Panahar Bangladeshi and Indian Cuisine

Due to continuing scheduling circumstances, Adam and I hit up this week’s expedition early in the afternoon, joined by the lovely Lauren. As it turns out, this was only about 30 minutes before Panahar closed. We were concerned that this was cutting it too close, but the staff assured us we were quite welcome, and […]