Family Wings & Philly

Next up on Buford Highway is a slight backtrack to Family Wings & Philly, or Family Hot Wings and Philly according to some. We skipped past this little joint on previous excursions up BuHi because we’ve been dining with friends for the past couple weeks and we do try to shelter our friends from places […]

Pizza Patron

By early 2015, Pizza Patron closed and was replaced by Mi Pizza. Pizza Patron is a Texas-based “Latin Life” pizza company, founded in 1986. There are less than 150 locations in eight states. The one on Buford Highway is the only one in Georgia, so it doesn’t fit our definition of a fully-saturated chain. So […]

Pollo Campero

Pollo Campero’s presence on BuHi presented an interesting conundrum for Adam and I. We had been skipping Waffle Houses, Pizza Huts and the like due to their national chain status. We even skipped the HoneyBaked Ham (which I have never eaten at), because they have more than 400 locations nationwide. And here was Pollo Campero, […]