Good Luck Gourmet

Opening earlier this year in the original Gu’s Bistro space, Good Luck Gourmet has been serving the food featured in the Instagram photos that have been making me swoon since early this summer. Finally, the hubs and I got around to checking the place out and having a good old-fashioned pig out. Perfect comfort food […]

Hong Kong City

There are a number of eateries called Hong Kong City across this city (and country for that matter), but this particular Hong Kong City’s website makes it look like a single-location operation with only the Buford Highway address listed. Tucked into a corner of the Crossroads Village shopping center, right next to Mariscos La Riviera […]

Golden BBQ

The curse of this location continues! Golden BBQ closed in the second half of 2015 Sometimes, being on a constant Buford Highway Food Expedition can be a burden. Don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely a first world problem type of thing, but still. Sometimes I really want to explore more of a place, or I […]

Man Chun Hong

We are beginning to reach the end of the high-density section of Buford Highway with this project. We’ve already passed the end of the classical definition of the Buford Highway cultural corridor – less than 9 miles of Buford Highway’s 50-mile length. But there is one last cluster of high density, and that is where […]

China Village Restaurant

This unique restaurant closed during the summer of 2015. For this week’s Buford Highway Food Expedition, Adam and I swung by El Dorado, a joint underneath the Shooter Alley whose sign proclaims it to be a restaurant and cantina, but it was super sketchy-looking. Plus it was evening-time, and Shooter Alley was hoppin’. We decided […]

Kochi Maru

Tucked into a little, semi-hidden shopping center both behind and downhill from a couple of strip clubs, there is a small cluster of eateries – enough to take us straight on to our 100th Buford Highway restaurant, which will be coming up soon! When we visited over the Memorial Day weekend, some of the places […]

Gu’s Bistro

Buford Highway location closed as of March 13, 2015. This week we skipped over Baldino’s Subs to try Gu’s Bistro with Grant and Marie. Now, Grant and Marie have long since hit up this infamous spot. But the four (and a half, counting toddlers) of us were long overdue for a night out together, Grant […]

Jeanne’s House Fast Food Cafe

Jeanne’s House closed sometime in 2015. This week Adam and I dropped in on Jeanne’s House Fast Food Cafe on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Jeanne’s is located in the street-side strip in front of the Buford Highway Farmers Market, right next to a long-distance bus station. When we walked in we saw a well-kept and […]

1968 at Café 101

Even my getting this place on 11Alive couldn’t keep this place afloat, which i think is really sad because I really liked it. Closed some time in 2015. It’s somehow very fitting that the 80th Buford Highway post on this site would be a restaurant in such a recognizable, iconic structure. If you haven’t read […]

China Bucks

This installment of our Buford Highway adventures brings us to China Bucks, a small and dubious-looking chinese restaurant that seems to be somewhat attached to the iconic Cafe 101 building, that we’ll no doubt be dining in very shortly. This place is weird, y’all. It’s a fairly large space for a takeout chinese restaurant and […]

House of Chan

Last week Adam and I went to the House of Chan for lunch with some of the fine folks from the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. House of Chan seems to be a polarizing little chinese restaurant in Smyrna. People seem to love it or hate it. We arrived a little late (I just […]

Oriental Pearl

A while ago, I joined the Buford Highway Foodies Meetup on and commenced lurking. Finally, the stars and schedules aligned and I joined the group for Dim Sum the weekend after Thanksgiving at Oriental Pearl in Chamblee. Longtime readers may recall the basic concepts of dim sum from our posts about the Canton House […]

Yen Jing Chinese Restaurant

This week for our Buford Highway excursion, Adam and I visited Yen Jing Chinese Restaurant, replete with a super-precious sign on the front door. This place is surprisingly huge (full width of the photo below), and has the air of a place that was once very, very nice and very busy, but isn’t as much […]

Dim Sum Heaven

The husband and I teamed up with Ashley and Stephen to tackle the next eatery in Pinetree Plaza… Dim Sum Heaven. We were excited to have another dim sum place to review, having only ever been to Canton House (several times, and loved it every time) for dim sum in Atlanta. The interior is pretty […]

Chef Liu

In the Pinetree Shopping Center, on the opposite side from Bo Bo Garden is Chef Liu. Starting out in an old Baskin Robbins, that was often described as a shack about ten years ago,* Chef Liu has gotten a lot of attention over the years (and a lot of complaints) and grown enough to move […]

Bo Bo Garden

About a week ago, the hubs and I headed out to to Bo Bo Garden with empty bellies and a posse of friends: Ashley, Stephen and Mary. I was anticipating a fine meal after reading Marie, Let’s Eat!’s post on Bo Bo Garden in the spring of this year. We were quickly seated in a […]

Northern China Eatery

Having spotted it quite by accident from the high vantage point of Sweet Hut, Adam and I were thrilled to check out the fairly hidden North China Eatery with friends Ashley and Stephen in tow. Located kind of below Italy Optical, and on the left side of the building, Northern China is definitely around the […]

Ming’s B.B.Q.

We recently had the opportunity to share another BuHi meal with Grant and Marie of Marie, Let’s Eat, with toddler and teenaged girlchild in tow. Hooray! Unfortunately, once we ruled out places that one or the other couple had already been to, things were looking a bit sparse at Asian Square. We settled for Ming’s […]