Hae Woon Dae

First and foremost, let me take a moment to say that Hae Woon Dae is our 100th Buford Highway Food Expedition dining experience! Wow! It’s been a long time since I used the project’s full name, Buford Highway Food Expedition, but this project of exploration and cultural education is at the core of the food […]

Don Quixote Restaurant

Last week, I was a little confused, and thought that our meal that evening would be our 100th on Buford Highway. It turned out it was just #99, which leaves the excitement for this week instead! Anyway I was a bit ticked to see Don Quixote, since our first post ever was Pancho’s, a Mexican […]

Panaderia Del Valle

Around the corner of Buford Highway and McElroy Road is Panaderia Del Valle, a little latin bakery. Adam and I stopped in after a lovely dinner at Kochi Maru. The outside is unassuming but not dingy and the interior was spartan but clean. There were not labels for the things in the cabinets, and the […]

Kang Nam

A few weeks back, before life started stomping all over my blogging schedule, Adam and I went to Kang Nam, they next stop on our northerly march up Buford Highway. Just north of Baldino’s, and across the street from the shopping center that houses Gu’s Bistro, Kang Nam’s sign proclaims Japanese Restaurant but also features […]

Crawfish Shack Seafood

This is one of the rare spots that both Emily and Anish have reviewed separately. To see Emily’s review, go here. Crawfish Shack Seafood has been a restaurant on my to-visit list for a while and I finally got the chance to go there for dinner on a weeknight with Emily and Adam as part […]

Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs

Next on our journey up Buford Highway was Baldino’s Giant Jersey Subs. Founded in 1975, this small regional chain has 19 locations, including seven in North Carolina and one in Jacksonville, Florida. After such a consistently awesome onslaught of exceptional ethnic cuisine, Baldino’s seemed like it was going to be a bit boring, truth be […]

Gu’s Bistro

Buford Highway location closed as of March 13, 2015. This week we skipped over Baldino’s Subs to try Gu’s Bistro with Grant and Marie. Now, Grant and Marie have long since hit up this infamous spot. But the four (and a half, counting toddlers) of us were long overdue for a night out together, Grant […]

Jeanne’s House Fast Food Cafe

Jeanne’s House closed sometime in 2015. This week Adam and I dropped in on Jeanne’s House Fast Food Cafe on a rainy Saturday afternoon. Jeanne’s is located in the street-side strip in front of the Buford Highway Farmers Market, right next to a long-distance bus station. When we walked in we saw a well-kept and […]

Pan Chapin

After chowing down at I Luv Pho last week, Adam, Mary and I headed down to Pan Chapin for some dessert. Pan Chapin is located right above Quickly in the same two-story building that houses Tempo Doeloe and Bei Jing Kabobs. We popped in and immediately felt out of place in the tight interior. Feeling […]

I Luv Pho

The Buford Highway location of the I Luv Pho mini-chain is located in the same shopping center as Master Bakery, across the street from the highly visible Sweet Hut. It’s a fairly large, two-story vietnamese joint that opened in October ’13. Adam and I checked it out during the soft opening but at the time […]

Buford Highway Farmers Market

This week Adam and I finally got to dine at the Buford Highway Farmers Market food court. We’ve been to the Buford Highway Farmers Market many times, as we regularly shop there, but we’d never eaten anything other than samples before. On a Sunday afternoon, we dropped by to get acquainted with the food court/cafeteria […]

Paris Baguette Cafe

Here’s another in our mini-series of recently opened Buford Highway eateries. Paris Baguette, sort of like Quickly is actually a huge international company that started in Asia and is just creeping into the US. Known by some as “the Starbucks of Korea,” there seem to be nearly 3,000 locations in Korea alone, and up to […]

J Buffalo Wings

Started by Chung Man Ji in 1996 at this very location on Buford Highway, along the street side of Northeast Plaza, J Buffalo Wings has been growing ever since and now 16 locations. I believe that this location became something else for a while, and has only recently returned to being a J Buffalo Wings. […]

La Costilla Grill

Still on a quest to fill in some of the newer restaurants on Buford Highway before venturing north of I-285, Adam and I recently checked out La Costilla Grill, back down by Havana Restaurant and Mariscos La Riviera Nayarit at the intersection of BuHi and Clairmont Road. La Costilla Grill had a Scoutmob recently, and […]

Kung Fu Tea

A new place has opened since we passed through the area that Milano Bakery and So Kong Dong inhabit: Kung Fu Tea. Adam and I popped in a couple of weeks ago to check it out. Kung Fu Tea is a brightly and boldly-branded smallish chain with about 19 locations in five states, most of […]


A new wing joint has popped up on Buford Highway by Pizza Patron since we were passing through, so we popped in over the weekend to check it out. While I figured it was a local or regional chain, neither Adam or I expected it to be as big as my research has now revealed: […]

La Casona

Guess what, readers?! It’s our last post before I-285 (Tostone’s seems to be closed…?)! This is a major milestone for us – and one we haven’t thought much past. If you have any opinions as to how far north you think we should go on Buford Highway, feel free to comment below. Thanks for sharing […]

Al-Amin Halal Restaurant

I have been waiting to arrive at Al-Amin with some excitement, as I hadn’t dined at a halal restaurant before (until our recent trip to Purnima, of course). And finally Adam, Ashley, Stephen and myself got to go. We went on a Saturday evening at dusk. The place was empty when we arrived, though a […]