Squisito Bakery & Cafe

Squisito Bakery and Cafe has three locations, two of which are in Plaza Fiesta (a major feature on the southern end of Buford Highway). One location is “frente a la fuente” and one is “frente Ross.” The third location is on Clayton St. in Lawrenceville. On our recent trip to Puras Tortas, we visited the […]

White Windmill Bakery and Cafe

After a lovely meal at Cho Sun Ok, Adam, Ashley, Stephen and I moseyed up the road to White Windmill Bakery and Cafe. This is like a Mozart, Paris Baguette, or Sweet Hut – a pretty nice asian-american bakery with drinks and desserts. This place is big, and it was crowded when we were there […]


I was recently invited to Alon’s, a bakery and market in Dunwoody, as part of an Atlanta Food Bloggers Society dinner. This location in Perimeter is one of two they have, the other being in the Virginia Highlands. I usually don’t hit up the Perimeter area for food much and don’t know of many destination […]

Panaderia Del Valle

Around the corner of Buford Highway and McElroy Road is Panaderia Del Valle, a little latin bakery. Adam and I stopped in after a lovely dinner at Kochi Maru. The outside is unassuming but not dingy and the interior was spartan but clean. There were not labels for the things in the cabinets, and the […]

Pan Chapin

After chowing down at I Luv Pho last week, Adam, Mary and I headed down to Pan Chapin for some dessert. Pan Chapin is located right above Quickly in the same two-story building that houses Tempo Doeloe and Bei Jing Kabobs. We popped in and immediately felt out of place in the tight interior. Feeling […]

Paris Baguette Cafe

Here’s another in our mini-series of recently opened Buford Highway eateries. Paris Baguette, sort of like Quickly is actually a huge international company that started in Asia and is just creeping into the US. Known by some as “the Starbucks of Korea,” there seem to be nearly 3,000 locations in Korea alone, and up to […]

Pie Shop

Pie Shop is undergoing a period of transition at the time of this note (10/16), and the location reviewed below is closed. After Souper Jenny, my friends and I wound up over at Pie Shop, an unassuming little shop ’round back behind some buildings on Roswell Road. We popped in to check it out and […]

Honey Bits

While we’ve been making our way though the restaurants in the Pinetree Plaza area, a new spot has opened up – a bakery and bubble tea shop called Honey Bits. After checking out the Chicago Supermarket, Ashley, Stephen, Adam and I headed over to Honey Bits to give it a go. The interior decorating puts […]

Milano Bakery And Cafe

Closed… sadness… For this week’s Buford Highway restaurant review, Ashley, Stephen, Adam and I went to Milano’s Bakery and Cafe. Ashley is a regular here, and the owner recognized her right away. The inside is nice and welcoming… not too fancy or too casual, too open or too cluttered. We’ve seen all kinds on this […]

Mozart Bakery

After a lovely meal at So Kong Dong, it seemed only natural to proceed to one of the nearby bakeries for dessert. So we went to Mozart Bakery, which I had heard good things about. The interior was far larger and more open – and more european in styling – than I expected, being accustomed […]

La Sultana Bakery

After the glorious gustatory experience that was Casa Vieja, you’d think we would have just headed back to the office to slip quietly into a food coma, but instead we headed over to La Sultana Bakery to check it out. Like many joints in the Buford Highway area, this panaderia is nothing much to look […]

Oriental Bakery

Wanting to cleanse our palate of Dim Sum Heaven, the gang and I headed over to Oriental Bakery, just a few doors down the Pinetree Plaza. This is a family store, and was being manned solo by nice young man. He was patient while we eyeballed all the treats. He also informed us that there […]

Sweet Auburn Bakery

I’ve been wanting to visit the Sweet Auburn Curb Market for years – since the lovely and knowledgable AsianCajuns clued me in to its awesomeness, and blogged about Sweet Auburn Bakery, among other gems. And last week, I finally went with my fellow work-foodies, Anish and Teck! Anish summed up our Sweet Auburn Curb Market […]

Master Bakery

The Master Bakery is a small bakery in a strip shopping center across and slightly more north of Sweet Hut on Buford Highway. This is a well-kept but small asian bakery offering a similar but much smaller selection of baked goods, as well as some fresh vegetables. I came with an entourage: my husband, Ashley, […]

Sweet Hut Bakery & Cafe

This week brings us to Sweet Hut Bakery and Cafe (and the implied announcement that we’re going to start including bakeries) and its bright, cheery awnings overlooking Buford Highway from the highest point in Asian Square. I think Sweet Hut is one of the better-known establishments on Buford Highway; I hear people talking about it […]

Lee’s Bakery

Next up, Lee’s Bakery, which was highly recommended to me by my boss, who encouraged me to get the #1 combo (not to be confused with the #1 shown on the board in the pic below). Adam and I were joined by our partners in BuHi feasts, Ash and Steve. Order before you sit if […]

Southern Sweets

Photo by Mary I recently visited Decatur’s own Southern Sweets with Mary of n00bcakes. I had never been before, but had heard great things about them from Decaturites. They are tucked back in an industrial district, but boy are they worth the search! Once back home, I took some pictures of the goodies we were […]