Señor Patrón

Señor Patrón is a local mexican joint with a location in Midtown and another in John’s Creek. It first came to my attention when it was listed in Yelp’s Mexican Must-Haves in Atlanta. Adam and I went to check it out recently, as we never have gotten over the loss of our college favorite El […]

Pan Chapin

After chowing down at I Luv Pho last week, Adam, Mary and I headed down to Pan Chapin for some dessert. Pan Chapin is located right above Quickly in the same two-story building that houses Tempo Doeloe and Bei Jing Kabobs. We popped in and immediately felt out of place in the tight interior. Feeling […]

Kung Fu Tea

A new place has opened since we passed through the area that Milano Bakery and So Kong Dong inhabit: Kung Fu Tea. Adam and I popped in a couple of weeks ago to check it out. Kung Fu Tea is a brightly and boldly-branded smallish chain with about 19 locations in five states, most of […]

Dim Sum Heaven

The husband and I teamed up with Ashley and Stephen to tackle the next eatery in Pinetree Plaza… Dim Sum Heaven. We were excited to have another dim sum place to review, having only ever been to Canton House (several times, and loved it every time) for dim sum in Atlanta. The interior is pretty […]

Viet Tofu

When we BuHi’d with Grant and Marie last week, we actually thought we were going to Viet Tofu, until we realized it’s more of a cash-and-carry kind of place. But it was really too intriguing to pass by completely, so we returned to see what’s what. The interior is a large space with two back-to-back […]

Carnitas Michoacan

This weekend we of the usual BHFE crew steeled ourselves and returned to the now infamous Plaza Fiesta. Carnitas Michoacan seems to be the only other true restaurant in the mall (assuming you’re feeling generous about Asian Pearl‘s status as a restaurant…). It is located unfortunately close to an outdoor karaoke stage that was being […]

CheeZies Pizza

My first reaction to the exterior of CheeZies was dread at the thought of greasy pizza (any pizza at all, for that matter), followed shortly by laughter at the sign on the window – CALIZONES. Haha, I thought. Those dummies can’t spell calzone. Maybe we don’t even have to eat there, I thought. Maybe it doesn’t […]