Hong Kong City

There are a number of eateries called Hong Kong City across this city (and country for that matter), but this particular Hong Kong City’s website makes it look like a single-location operation with only the Buford Highway address listed. Tucked into a corner of the Crossroads Village shopping center, right next to Mariscos La Riviera […]

A-Priori Seafood

A couple of weeks back, Adam and I drove the length of Buford Highway that we’ve covered so far to take stock of various openings, closings, and spots we flat-out just missed. Approaching the northern end of our reach, we noticed that a new joint had moved into the empty space on the end of […]

Stir It Up

Closed early 2016. For a Friday friend and coworkers lunch, we dropped by Stir It Up, a Jamaican restaurant in Midtown. This spot has a lot of flair and atmosphere. There is a nice, covered patio with curtains and couches. The interior is very house-like, with fun decor and a variety of furniture types, art […]

Panaderia Del Valle

Around the corner of Buford Highway and McElroy Road is Panaderia Del Valle, a little latin bakery. Adam and I stopped in after a lovely dinner at Kochi Maru. The outside is unassuming but not dingy and the interior was spartan but clean. There were not labels for the things in the cabinets, and the […]

Atlanta Food Truck Park

After years of hearing all about the Food Truck Park off of Howell Mill Road, Adam and I finally went! We went with our dear friends, the Ruby family (4/5th of it anyway) on a great late spring afternoon right before the horrible yellow-green dusting coating of pollen struck for the year. We tried to […]

I Luv Pho

The Buford Highway location of the I Luv Pho mini-chain is located in the same shopping center as Master Bakery, across the street from the highly visible Sweet Hut. It’s a fairly large, two-story vietnamese joint that opened in October ’13. Adam and I checked it out during the soft opening but at the time […]

Little Cuba

A couple of weeks back, I went to lunch with fellow RMIers Claire, Anish, and Chibuzo at Little Cuba up in Chamblee. This modest little restaurant resides in a strip center. I neglected to take a photo of the exterior, but you can check one out on Pig Out Spot’s Little Cuba post for an […]


A new wing joint has popped up on Buford Highway by Pizza Patron since we were passing through, so we popped in over the weekend to check it out. While I figured it was a local or regional chain, neither Adam or I expected it to be as big as my research has now revealed: […]

Osteria Cibo Rustico

Osteria Cibo Rustico closed towards the end of 2014. Osteria Cibo Rustico moved into the old Mirko space in the Toco Hills Shopping Center in October ’13, and it’s taken us until now to pop in and give it a try. I would occasionally go to Mirko with Adam and my parents, as a slightly […]

China Bucks

This installment of our Buford Highway adventures brings us to China Bucks, a small and dubious-looking chinese restaurant that seems to be somewhat attached to the iconic Cafe 101 building, that we’ll no doubt be dining in very shortly. This place is weird, y’all. It’s a fairly large space for a takeout chinese restaurant and […]

Honey Bits

While we’ve been making our way though the restaurants in the Pinetree Plaza area, a new spot has opened up – a bakery and bubble tea shop called Honey Bits. After checking out the Chicago Supermarket, Ashley, Stephen, Adam and I headed over to Honey Bits to give it a go. The interior decorating puts […]

Chicago Supermarket

Last weekend, the hubs and I headed out to Chicago Supermarket to try the little eatery in the back. This was our third attempt to get there during their hours of operation, and we finally made it. We made our way back to what we thought was the ordering counter and slung some broken spanish […]

Sushi Huku

I recently checked out Sushi Huku in Sandy Spring with some coworkers. Sushi Huku is a generally well-liked sushi joint that took some big hits early this year with its health score. Despite that, it has tons and tons of great reviews, and 4.5 of 5 stars in pretty much every place you look (Google, […]

Oriental Bakery

Wanting to cleanse our palate of Dim Sum Heaven, the gang and I headed over to Oriental Bakery, just a few doors down the Pinetree Plaza. This is a family store, and was being manned solo by nice young man. He was patient while we eyeballed all the treats. He also informed us that there […]

Master Bakery

The Master Bakery is a small bakery in a strip shopping center across and slightly more north of Sweet Hut on Buford Highway. This is a well-kept but small asian bakery offering a similar but much smaller selection of baked goods, as well as some fresh vegetables. I came with an entourage: my husband, Ashley, […]

Bua Thai and Sushi

I grabbed lunch yesterday at Bua Thai and Sushi in Brookhaven with some coworkers. There were four of us, and this was the first time at Bua for me and at least one other. Right off the bat we had a tiny hint of what was to come, as there was no one to be […]

Twisted Taco

While we were up in Roswell to visit Sky Zone, we took in some tex-mex at Twisted Taco, an Atlanta-based chain founded in 2002. There are currently eight metro-Atlanta locations. We all kicked back with some drinks and the Twisted Trio appetizer – guacamole, queso and salsa verde – with chips ($9.99). I thought it […]

Urban Pl8

I’m sad to say that Urban Pl8 is closed. I may have had a sub-par experience there, but I still appreciated the philosophy and had planned to return one day to try again. I wish the owners luck in future ventures. I have been wanting to go to Urban Pl8 ever since it opened in […]