Bacon Week: Avocado, Bacon, and Crab Bowl

Bacon Week 2013It’s n00bcakes’ Bacon Week time again! Bring on America’s pork product of choice!

I wasn’t able to join in last year, due to my own disorganization, so I was extra careful to pay attention and ensure that I would be able to participate as much as possible this year.

To start off Bacon Week 2013, I made this Avocado-Bacon-Crab bowl for two. This is a paleo meal that is essentially a doubled and slightly modified version of Preppy Paleo’s Crab & Bacon-Topped Avocado Bowl.

Avocado Crab Bacon Bowl Ingredients

The Avocado-Bacon-Crab Bowl Ingredients

The solid part of a separated can of coconut milk


The original recipe called for coconut cream, which is kind of expensive and apparently (unsurprisingly) not carried by Kroger (unless you want it with tons of sugar so you can make pina coladas), so I grabbed a can of coconut milk, hoping it would be one of those cans that separates a bit.

Since it was the solids, and not legitimate coconut cream, I used more than the recipe called for, indeed I may have used a bit too much. The final dish tasted fine, but it upset my stomach a little. But I am sure that it was my fault.

Other than that, I did everything by the book.

cooking bacon

Cookin’ bacon.

Warming up the crab meat

Warming crab meat.

Crumbled bacon reunited with the cilantro sauce

Crumbled bacon reunited with the cilantro sauce.

After blending the avocado, coconut cream, and salsa, the avocado was set aside while cooking the bacon, making the cilantro sauce, and warming the crab. Then it was just a simple matter of assembling the various parts.

Assembling Avocado Bacon Crab Bowl

Assembling Avocado Bacon Crab Bowl

I rather enjoyed this, aside from the aforementioned indigestion, but Adam thought it “tasted a lot like a paleo meal.” I guess I typically cook heartier paleo meals that don’t seem quite so healthy. We’ll probably not make it again, but it was a fun experiment nonetheless. Maybe if the hubs goes away on a business trip sometime, I’ll make this for myself.

Crab Bacon Avocado Bowl


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5 thoughts on “Bacon Week: Avocado, Bacon, and Crab Bowl

  1. Wow, that actually sounds pretty tasty (though since I am not super-paleo, perhaps I could stretch this out over some rice?)! If I end up with any leftover bacon (very possible), I think I’ll definitely try this one out! Because really, crab is like the bacon of the sea, amirite?

    So glad to have you along for Bacon Week 2013! 😀

    • Oh yeah, you’re definitely right. Bacon of the sea has got to be either crab or oysters.

  2. Hah! Bacon of the sea, oh Mary.

    I am very far from Paleo…. very far. But this looks great to me, especially all that nummy avocado and the ‘cilantro sauce.’ Interested!

  3. I don’t know if you’ve tried it, but the best bacon that I have ever had is from Patak’s Bohemian Meats in Austell. They smoke/cure all their own meats and the place has the best meat that I have ever put in my mouth. The bacon is also not water cured so it pretty much doesn’t shrink at all. It’s truly worth the trip to Austell and the prices are more than fair (sub $4/lb for their homemade bacon). Be sure to check their opening times since they’re only open the first Saturday of every month.

    • I loooooove Patak bacon, and I don’t get it nearly enough, due to their opening times and location. Is that place wonderful or what? The kabanos are super, too! And we are sure to get the hungarian salami whenever we have the opportunity – I grew up on it, and no other deli salami stacks up for me.

      It seems obvious now that I need to get my hands on a chest freezer and make a trip out to Patak’s to load up! Mmmmm…

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