Georgia’s Vidalia Onion Love Affair

Back when I was in high school (way, way back), the school band had a fundraiser every year and every year the fundraiser was the same: selling big sacks of Vidalia onions. Not wrapping paper, not cookie dough, but those sweet, tasty onions, obediently delivered by band members right to our door. If that doesn’t […]

Liquid Bliss Cupcakes Recipe

In early May I took a trip out Terrapin Brewery in Athens for a birthday party, and in the spirit of the birthday boy’s festivities I decided to make a batch of boozy cupcakes with one of their sweetest beers: the Liquid Bliss Porter, a porter brewed with cocoa nibs and peanut butter essence. This […]

Pijiu Belly

I was excited to check out Pijiu Belly last week with the Association of Food Bloggers, especially because it was right in the middle of where I used to live back in college. I actually tried to remember what used to be in its exact spot (since it only opened up just last fall), but […]

Cheesy Buttermilk Scone Recipe

For some reason I’ve always harbored a fair amount of scone-dislike. Some part of my brain always associated scones with a drier, less-tastier biscuit. Biscuits I love – they come with gravy, or butter and honey; they’re soft and flaky! Scones? You smile at them politely and wait for something better to show up on […]

Bacon Week 2015: Steamed Bacon Dumplings

Ever heard of steamed pork dumplings? These are one and the same! Except the pork in question is, of course, bacon. For the last day of Bacon Week I got to try another new recipe – dumplings! I’ve never steamed anything other than vegetables before (and them almost always in the microwave, not over the […]

Bacon Week 2015: Choco-Bacon Filled Donuts

This recipe came to me after a couple of my previously planned ones totally flopped (don’t expect to be seeing bacon-filled pierogies until next year, that’s all I’m sayin’!). I think donuts full of chocolate and bacon, however, are a reasonable substitute, yes? I don’t eat doughnuts very often, but when I get the chance […]

Bacon Week 2015: Bacon Jam Redux

A couple Bacon Week-years ago one of the recipes I made was “Maple Bourbon Bacon Jam” – a recipe I ruined pretty hardcore. At the time I claimed I wanted to try again in the future, and this year I figured, why not let that future be now? This Bacon Jam Redux turned out way […]

Browned Butter Red Velvet Brownies

O, brownies – truly, you are the easiest of the desserts. You toss dry ingredients together, you melt some butter, you mix, you bake, you eat. So simple – why would anyone want to change who you are? Oh that’s right – TO MAKE THEM EVEN BETTER! It’s time to bring back brown butter, guys…and […]

First Watch, The Daytime Café

I’m not sure if it’s a hallmark of getting older, but brunch has easily become my favorite meal of the day. I’ve always loved breakfast (coming from a food-filled northern-turned-southern family, we threw ourselves into the biscuits and gravy-filled world of southern breakfasts with gusto), so it was a great treat to be invited by […]

Jamie’s Food Revolution

Greetings, and happiest of new years to you all! Welcome to a new year at Spatialdrift, one I’m very glad to be a part of. I’ve been out of town for a few months for work (sorry about that), and it’s nice to be back and preparing for a year of baking, cooking, and blogging. […]

Basic Chocolate Banana Bread Recipe

I think the problem of bananas going bad before you can finish them must be an age-old conundrum. No matter how many people in the house commit themselves to “helping to finish the bunch”, you inevitably have a couple stragglers that go from a delightful yellow to a spotted black mess, seemingly overnight. Clearly, this […]

Butternut Squash & Black Bean Enchilada Recipe

Anyone who’s ever been around for n00bcakes’ Bacon Week knows that I am decidedly not a vegetarian. I like meat; meat is delicious. It goes with everything.  But that doesn’t mean I dislike vegetarian food. In fact, there’s plenty of meatless meals I really enjoy, and especially after eating bacon nonstop for an entire week, […]

Super Simple Salmon Salad Recipe

With summer here I’m always looking for new, cold recipes for lunch. My default lunch is a simple kale hash that’s always savory and delicious, but when it’s 80 degrees outside, hot eggs are a lot less appealing. Sometimes it’s nice to shake things up with a light, cold main course. Bring in the Salmon […]

Tres Leches Flan Recipe

The only thing I love more than learning a new type of technique or dessert is having the experiment go especially well. It’s not something that happens very often, but when it does, as in the case of this great flan recipe, it’s indeed something to behold! To get something really right typically takes me […]

Bacon Week 2014 Round Up

I know, I know: it’s a little lame for my last “recipe day” of Bacon Week to be full of recipes that aren’t mine, but hey – if you knew the physical (though delicious) toll a week of non-stop bacon-eating takes on a human body you might understand.  Besides, some of my friends have made […]

Bacon Week 2014: Maple Bacon Honeycomb Candy

This was one of the more fun experiments I tried this week.  I’ve never made candy before, and this one sounded so good, I figured the simple addition of bacon bits certainly couldn’t hurt.  Thus came, maple bacon honeycomb candy! This candy is light and fluffy, and actually pretty easy to execute.  As with any […]

Bacon Week 2014: Kale & Bacon Hash

And we’re back with day 3 of Bacon Week, with yet another healthy (in relative terms) recipe!  After making this recipe once, I’ve actually made it almost every day since then…it’s a fabulous breakfast, lunch, or dinner and satisfies my savory and healthy cravings!  Highly recommended: kale & bacon hash! I get regular emails from […]