August Flora

Various forms of swamp hibiscus are still blooming – I won’t photograph them all because you’ve seen them before.
Except this one – a new type of mallow/swamp hibiscus bloomed, but I was too busy to catch it in time. The leaves are furry.

Four o’clocks still going strong… four months later.
Even our very sickly Encore azalea is blooming.
Rudbeckia (Black-Eyed Susan)
We’ve also had copious amounts of tomatoes, yay!
I actually just ate these three last night in my guacamole and on my tacos (they were ripe at that point, obviously).
The little plants we planted to beautify the containers where the dying tomato plants were are trucking along.

That’s it! It was a pretty light month, and I was super-busy to boot. I wonder what, if anything, will be blooming in September – when I have the time to enjoy them.


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