8° Fahrenheit Ice Cream

8° Fahrenheit Ice Cream exterior

8° Fahrenheit Ice Cream brings the thai rolled ice cream concept to Atlanta with a locations in Duluth, Doraville, and one set to open in Marietta soon. As with many such trends that are attributed to other cultures, I raised my eyebrow and turned to the internet for more background information. Indeed, I am pleased to report that thai rolled ice cream is not the newest belgian waffle or french fry: it is a thing you see being sold by street vendors in Thailand. So, that’s a plus one for 8° Fahrenheit in my book, before I even step foot inside.

The BuHi location opened this spring (right by Bei Jing Kabobs), and it took me ’til September to give it a try, and only then because our former contributor Anish tipped me off.

Here’s how it works. First, the liquid ice cream and the mix items are put on a very cold (presumably 8°F surface and the mix ingredients are quickly cut in. Next, the mixture is spread out on the surfaces where it very quickly turns into ice cream. Finally, the ice cream is scraped up into seven rolls that are arranged in the paper cup and topped with your choice of up to three toppings.

The first time, I tried the Strawberry Shawty (I had to – I’m a lifelong fan of graham crackers) with blueberries, brownie, and Pocky. If you know me IRL, then you know that I don’t like to mix my fruity-type desserts with my chocolately-type desserts, but I wanted the Pocky for the photos I knew I would take, and at that point, why not get the brownie also? Besides, I totally ate those things first and just had my strawberry-graham cracker-blueberry concoction as a standalone. Win-win.

8° Fahrenheit Strawberry Shawty

The Strawberry Shawty (strawberry ice cream mixed with graham crackers) topped with Pocky, brownie, blueberries.

The second time, I brought Adam along and I let him pick the flavors since I’d already been. He went with the vanilla, Nutella, ‘Nilla wafer mixture called Ferrero and topped it off with Pocky, KitKat, and brownie. This time we ate the Pocky and KitKat separately and the brownie was kind of mixed in as we shared. The serving size is surprisingly filling when you buy them one per person, and not so bad to share, especially if you’ve just come from a heavy meal (Bayou Boil).

8° Fahrenheit Ferrero

The Ferrero (vanilla ice cream mixed with Nutella and vanilla wafers) topped with Pocky, brownie, KitKat.

You should know: this place is basically cash only due to a $10 minimum for credit card use. Secondly, the wait can sometime be a bit long, due to the steps involved in making the process. The atmosphere is fun, with murals and chalk paintings on the wall and the windows covered with Post-It notes with whatever weird things people have felt like writing.

As far as the ice cream and toppings go, they are pretty run of the mill in terms of quality but you do get some more interesting options like you would at Suno, such as lychee. So you come here for the novelty of it as opposed to artisanal, handcrafted what-have-you. And for that, 8° Fahrenheit delivers satisfactorily. 3.5 stars.

8° Fahrenheit Ice Cream
5090 Buford Highway, Suite 101
Doraville, GA 30340


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