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There was a little taquiera in line before this week’s BHFE, however we discovered too late that it was cash-only, and we were forced to skip it. We promise to circle back and snag it in the next expedition. But for now, it was on to 1st Wok.

In terms of atmosphere, this place was a slightly nicer and slightly less pink China Feng: nicely appointed and with lots of plants – both artificial and real. I thought they did particularly well with the drop-ceilings. boxed lights and fancy gold bas-relief tiles. It really helped this be more than just a non-descript strip mall joint.

We were joined by Ashley and Stephen this week – hooray! Adam and I got hot tea (for which we were not charged) and Ashley and Stephen each got a glass of plum wine ($3.50 a glass). For dinner we decided to get the $40 meal for four. This meal consisted of our choice of soup (hot and sour, egg drop, wonton or sizzling rice), an egg roll or hot wing, and four dishes: moo goo gai pan, moo shu pork, sweet and sour pork, and mongolian beef. These were… amazing. Super amazing. The mongolian beef and the moo shu pork were my particular favorites, though the other two were amazing as well.

Fried pork in the front, mongolian beef in the back with some rice, the sauce for the moo shu pork, and then the moo shu pork itself in the front right.
Moo shu in the front left, and fried rice on the right. If you look closely, you can see some of the egg roll on Stephen’s plate in the back.

Actually, I just tried the moo goo gai pan, because they forgot to bring it to us. However, we were brought soooo much food we were totally stuffed and had them just wrap up the moo goo gai pan to take home. However, the service was so good throughout the meal, and they were so apologetic about the moo goo that we totally forgive them. Also, I just ate it and it was quite tasty!

Moo goo gai pan in all its reheated glory!

Also, despite the attentive service, this place seems to also do a healthy takeout business. SOmething to keep in mind for later!

Our lovelies.

In the end, we were a very happy group, very full. Adam and I feel that this place is nicer than China Feng, and that the pricing was just as good, if not better. Cheap, tasty food is the bomb. The nice atmosphere and friendly service also helped. We’ll give them the benefit of the doubt on the whole forgetting-1/4-of-our-meal-thing. 4 stars! Give them a try, for eat-in or take-out!

1st Wok Chinese Restaurant
3348 Buford Hwy NE
Atlanta, GA 30329

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  1. I love these BHFE, E! I wish I could just jump in my car and join you guys! Looks deelicious — living vicariously through these posts (there is no BH equivalent in Edinburgh just tons and tons and tons of curry places).
    p.s. On the flip side, I wish you could have come foraging with us too! You would have LOVED it!

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